Infamous Lists

Alright, after my last post, BNCOC got canceled for me and suddenly I feel loads better.

Its not that I didn't think I could do BNCOC, its just that the timing was really, really bad. And I would rather have more then 48 hours notice in the future. Besides, if it was something like PLDC, which is required at my rank, then I would just buck it up and drive on, however I do not require BNCOC to be a Buck Sergeant.

Besides, I'm not sure I'm ready for that rocker yet. But that's a whole 'nother post.

Meanwhile, now that I will indeed be spending quality time back at the ranch 'aka Bondsteel', I've got a whole bunch of things I need to do in my spare time and I need to make time to do them.

I like lists. So I'm going to make me a list and cross things off as I accomplish them. Sometimes, I don't get everything crossed off, which is alright, but being able to cross things off feels really good.
  • Empty out remaining 35 emails out of inbox.
  • Answer all remaining snail mail.
  • Mail care packages home (I got some goodies for my family that I've accumulated since Germany, and I still haven't mailed it. What's wrong with me?)
  • Post info about Greece.
  • Write a handy dandy post about today's Vetcap, complete with Pictures! Its up on my neglected Milblog.
  • The 3 fronts of the webcomic (er, that's something involved with my Webcomic)
  • Spread the love with the Lit concert to the various members of the task force that were there.
  • Upload Blackmailable file of me singing Karaoke online.
  • Keep track of Devils Arithmatic (Davison), Red Vs Blue Seasons One and Two (Nate), Freaks and Geeks (White), PS2 complete with FFX and FFX-2 (Wong), and any other wandering DVDs I might have out there. Oh, like Sin City-bootlegged edition (Shull)

This list can be edited, added too, or taken away from. I shall go about marking things off as I accomplish them, which always feels oh so good!

Now I get to go see Ring 2 at the post theater. Movies take a few months to get here, yes I shall be missing Star Wars this week, unless I want to get a bootlegged copy but I've been told that I'll ruin it for me if I do so. Those generally consist of somebody sitting in a theater with a camera. Its kind of funny because sometimes you can see the heads of the people sitting toward the front.

But Ring 2 will be authentic. I probably should go get a shower first however, I smell of Cows and Pigs, courtesy of the Vetcap. Which is on my list.

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