Sing Along Time

My internet stopped freaking out long enough for me to put a video up. It only took slightly over an hour or so, which is impressive considering usually it will stall long enough to register a download time of about 3 days.

So anyway, about four or so weeks ago (I don't remember, it was just a long time ago) I got to do Karaoke. Now, I don't hold a tune and I'm not much of a singer. I know that.

I just didn't realize exactly how bad of a singer I was. I mean, I knew I was bad, I just never knew how bad.

I also learned another thing. The PT uniform is very unflattering. Somebody mentioned that I should pull down my pants or something, I didn't realize that I had them pulled up above my belly button, or whatever. I look like a freakin' geek in highwaters. Well, now I'm making a conscious effort to keep my PT pants hugging my waist. Though with an elastic band around the top, they don't like to stay put around my hips. They like to ride up. Hence the High water effect. *Grr. . .*

So I put together a stupid little video of me singing excerpts of four different songs. I don't even remember what order I put them up in, but it includes Matchbox Twenty Disease, Three Doors Down When I'm Gone, No Doubt Don't Speak, and a duet to Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow Picture, which I sang with a guy named Mason. And, for kicks and giggles, I included an excerpt of the concert with Lit, including one of the highlights of my participation in the song My Own Worst Enemy where he gave me the microphone for a split second (I feel like a major dork in this video however, but I had fun and that's all that counts.)

So, without further ado, here is the Karaoke video.

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