Anger Management

Ok, I have a problem with my anger, as I have a temper at times. Its not always obvious because I just go with the flow most of the times and often times something won't phase me. Usually at least.

But if something ticks me off just so, I get livid and I'm not pleasant to be around. just one of the many perks about being me, my temper. I think everybody has their snapping points, I certainly have mine. And its kind of frustrating, as depending on who makes me mad or how mad I get at somebody, I either just pretend not to be fiercely angry with them or I just blow up on them. There doesn't seem to be this nice little middle ground with me, I certainly wish there was.

One of the things that balances my temper is my lack of holding grudges against people. So I can be mad as piss at somebody and then later its like nothing happened. But this in itself can be a good and bad thing, as when I get mad at somebody again, I tend to remember the times I was mad at them before, and it compounds my anger.

Fortunately never to a point where I turned homicidal, but close.

Well, you can probably guess where I'm going with this. I'm mad at somebody. And they know this. Unfortunately, I have to work out these issues with this person because I still have to bare their presence for the next two to three months. What ever the case, its easy to be angry at somebody, but something gnaws at you when part of the reason you are angry at them is because of things you've done.

There always has to be a scape goat I guess. That's what makes us human. Part of the problem lies in me, yes this is true. But part of the problem lies with this person as well. Especially when they keep doing things that drive you stark raving mad.

I think we'll be having a talk on Monday. I guess I'll know how it goes then.

Oh, in other news. German is a Go. Looks like Science isn't.

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