Pictures, in Other News

So, in other news, I've been given some new tasks. One is, well, the yearbook. I have to put together some pictures and post four pages worth for our section of the yearbook.

Well, since I'm already doing the yearbook, I've acquired a couple other taskings related as well.

No, this is a good thing! I get to use my skills to put together a slide show following our deployment and surf through old clippings of the Guardian for information about our task force. This is different then the website, but somewhat related because of how many pictures i've collected from that, so I'm going through all of these pictures of the task force over the course of the year and I'm thinking 'hmm, this is cool!'

So to even out the fact that I can't POST pictures, I get to have GOBS of pictures of what soldiers do in a deployment to Kosovo. Its like an excuse to GIVE ME PICTURES!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! And no, you can't see them.

But sounds like fun, eh?

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