This is Halloween!

I love Halloween. Its the one time of year you can totally dress as something you're not and get away with it. Maybe because I'm a fantasy nut, but whatever the case, I'm just one of those people that enjoys living in a fantasy world.

Though today, I kind of did the soldier routine. I thought about putting on a star and being a general for Halloween, but some people might not take to kind to me impersonating an officer. Even if it's for halloween.

So what did we do? Well, we had the option to dress up as long as it didn't interfere with our work duties and the costume could be worn over our uniform. Yeah, I know, takes all of the fun out of it, and there isn't a lot of costume options here in country unless you utilyze the internet.

Gosh, what did soldiers do in the good ol' days to get by each day without the internet anyway?

So, they still had a costume contest and a haunted house, which was basically sponsored by Task Force Med Falcon. Kind of last minute I was asked if I wanted to help with the Haunted House (which was made out of one of the Bunkers, so it was really a Haunted Bunker), and I said sure, why not? It turned out to be fun, I was positioned behind a tarp with holes cut through it and as people passed I grabbed them. Kind of one of those unexpected things, as it was kind of dark in the Bunker with scary music playing in the background and people popping out of coffins and chewing on their own arms (we even had a Mummy!)

Yeah, I guess there are good things about being deployed in a Fairly calm area such as Kosovo. You can't do 25 K roadmarches in Iraq, that's for sure, and I'm not sure what kind of places they have around those parts for Haunted Bunkers.

And I think I'm over my anger issues. I just need to take a chill pill now and again and stop making mountains out of molehills. I think we came to a mutual understanding and now we are on good terms. Hopefully this can remain this way for the rest of this deployment.

Damn, I hate being mad at people.

(my left foot would have won the grossest costume award, it looks nasty!)

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