Attention, Mom's a Goober, in case you didn't know

So. . . came from Salzburg, which me and Mom loved, and am currently in Vienna. We got out of the train station, and coming from Salzburg, which feels completely safe even at midnight, we found it just a little bit eerie walking down the street here. I'm not entirely comfortable with this part of the town, but then again, we got here while it was still dark out.

Today was awesome, we went up to the Eagle's Nest and saw a great view of the Bavarian Alps from up there. Pictures to come. . . someday. Afterward, we came back down to Buchtesgarten Germany before making our way back to Salzburg. We have crossed the German/Austrian Border every day since Tuesday.

Back in Salzburg, mom and I decided to just tour Salzburg, though they have horse drawn carriages and I wanted to tour on them bad. We did spend a lot of money in Salzburg and here on out we'll probably need to conserve a little better. I better hold mom in check.

We had a few moments of frustration today though. Including a chocolate shop that sells chocolate with a little extra ingredient that mom didn't realize every chocolate in the store had in it. After spending some money buying chocolate to send home to everybody, we decided to try it on the train coming to Vienna and I just about yakked. Good thing we didn't send it home, not something you feed kids if you know what I mean.

I suggested to mom that maybe she should take it home and sell it on Ebay. But I think there is an alcohol policy which includes chocolate liquer.

Then we got on the bus, I was certain we had to cross the street but it was all "oh, that's the bus, it says Hauptbahnhof, quick, let's just get on it!' that was going the wrong way and took us out of town to the stadium instead of the Hauptbahnhof, which is where we wanted to go, so a bus trip that would have normally taken about ten minutes took over an hour. Frustration insued. GRRR!!! But the funniest thing about Salzburg is their sports mascot. They have a football team and a hockey team known as the Red Bulls. Like the drink. In fact, they are named after the drink, as the drink comes from, you guessed it, Salzburg Austria.

The thing that frustrates me the most about Hostels here so far, except for the Hostel in Frankfurt, is the lack of outlets in these places! What's the deal? Frankfurt's location wasn't the greatest, but so far I think they were my favorite Hostel of the three.

That, and the free wireless internet service. I want to see if there is free wireless in Vienna. Maybe not.

Info on Vienna to come tomorrow. With more details of the trip so far. And Pictures! Yay pictures!

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