Art Therapy

So, I came back from leave, had a great time, to the inevitable. A dark cloud loomed over my head all throughout leave because I knew I was coming back to bad news.

The bad news came, much like I thought it would, and at first I took it well.

Then I broke down five hours later.

*sighs* Well, I'm doing a lot better now that I can focus on something other then, well, other then work. I've been using art therapy a lot to get my mind off of whatever and I'm currently planning some drawings. Hopefully they'll turn out all right. I can post drawings, because, well, as you have see in the previous post, I can no longer post photographs. Go figure. So to keep my blog from getting to bland, I got to post SOMETHING!

So anyway, I'll probably be doing a lot of drawing here as this deployment comes to an end, and maybe they'll even be half way decent drawings for once. I'm also steadily shipping everything home, slowly but surely. Hope there's room back home for it.

And then of course, my other task. I've ruled out the army. So what am I going to do with my life? I'm thinking school. Now I have to decide on what I want to major in.

I have never been very good at making up my mind on such matters. But I think I would work best if I got into a jobfield where I could work independantly. Freelance stuff would be awesome, but I would have to be pretty good at what I do to get away with it. But other then that, well, there is always Hastings?

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