Hits and Misses

So, our journey is coming to an end, and I´m sad. However, on a lighter note, mom and I have been looking back on our journez and realizing just how much fun we had, both the ups and downs.

One of the coolest things about the trip is the people we have met, from all over the world, and sometimes even our own backyard. Hopefully I´ll be able to keep in contact with the ones I traded emails with. Unfortunately, Im horrible at keeping in contact with my minions so I don´t know how that will work.

Today we visited the Black Forest, not just any forest, no, this is THE Black Forest. It was very beautiful, we rode a gondola to the top of the mountain and enjoyed the view. In fact, we saw France! We were debating on crossing the border just so that we could saz we´ve been to France but such was not to be. Overall, in after thought, we were thinking how we would do things differently if we could do the trip over again.

Personally, I had a great time and had no regrets, well, other then Verona (we stopped at the Trainstation, debated on seeing the city, and found out that my Italian needs much help) so we just got back on the train and went to Innsbruck, which was beautiful. We loved Austria. Switzerland was verz prettz too, but very expensive, so we spent a day in Luzern and headed up to Frieburg for the evening.

Tomorrow is our last day together before we call it goodbye for now. Hopefully I´ll see mom in about three months, if all goes well, but soon it will be back to the Cattle Drive for me. *sighs*

Just before leave, I had decided that if Mom hadn´t come to Europe to meet me, I would have just gone home as I was getting pretty home sick. I´m so glad she could make it. And I´m proud of her, she survived everybody, I only almost killed her!

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