Minions to the Rescue indeed!

Murray (my agent) got pictures of my travels where I met my first minion (minion Ted) in Vienna and posted about it.

Aack, sorry I've had issues finding computers that let me download anything!!!

Yes, this was the first time I had ever met a Minion, meaning somebody who follows my blog on account of my lack of sorriness. We had good fun with the musical toilets!

My minions wouldn't fit if they weren't a little weird. . .

Meanwhile, am currently in Venice. Venice is awesome. Already we've gone on a Gondolo ride and I got attacked by pigeons. They must have known my plot to grab one and squeeze it.

Urm, meanwhile. . . let me start over again. I got to Frankfurt two days before mom did and hung around for a wee bit. Frankfurt isn't very touristy, but the Romerburg district is pretty cool.

We hopped the train to Salzburg. . . which we absolutely LOVED!!!

We spent a good several days during Salzburg singing show tunes from the Sound of Music.

Then we went on a tour of the Salzburg saltmines. I was so tempted to take home this dashing outfit. Mom says the same.

We got in a few of the surrounding countryside and saw a lot of the Alps. The Alps = Very Cool Experience. I love mountains. So far, Salzburg may be our favorite place, as is evident by the fact that we stayed there for a few days.

Next up, Munich! With Beer and Hoodies for All!

During my experience, I got attacked by a Boarhog.

Mom even got in on the fun. We now have a special place in our hearts for Lowenbrau beer.

The giant beer carts and the draft horses (bringing a whole new meaning to the word). . . too cool!

um, anyway, back to Salzburg!!!

We made our way to the Ice Caves of Salzburgs (between the driver making us sick and the car sounding like it was about to fall apart, well worth it!)

Oh, and don't forget Hohensalzburg (other wise known as the fortress)

Half of the fun is meeting friends from around the world who are touring Europe too. I met these guys (from Isreal, Australia, and Iowa, respectively) who were at the same hostel as we were. much fun.

You can see our hostel from here!

Me and mom took a tour of Salzburg in a Horse Drawn Carriage. The horses are Hungarian Lippizzaners, names are The Titan and Billy the Kid.

This is our friend, we suspect he is the Ghost of Christmas Future. I think I'll just call him Dr. Death.

We also made our way up to the Eagle's nest, also known as Hitler's private get away. Unfortunately for Hitler, being up that high gave him Vertigo. HAH!

The view is beautiful.

It was actually an interesting time to be up on the mountain. All in the valley at around 11:30 sirens started going off. One of the guys touring up there looked around asking where the Bombers were. It freaked us out a bit.

Turns out they test the sirens once a year, and October 1st is the day they do it. Just the time we were up in the mountain thinking the world was going to end.

Well, mom did anyway. . .

After Salzburg was Vienna.

We went to the Lipizanner museum (and I just realized I can't spell Lipizanner) and wanted to see the horses but they weren't performing or even training the days we were there. So we had to make a pass on them. *sob*

Anyway, we did get the chance to see Egon Schiele at the Leopold, who happens to be one of my favorite artists, though luck be have it, they only had a few paintings up by him as the rest of the exhibit was down for some reason. We got double tickets to see the Modern Art museum as well, unfortunatley for us, they had a prominant exhibit by Bruce Naeman, who specializes in blood, sharp objects and dead things. Not pleasant. An extra minus, or so Ted said.

Speaking of which, as I mentioned earlier, Ted the minion lives in Vienna, and had even given me lots of fun things via Amazon, which I later learned was a no go. Oops. Oh well.

I am short.

I saw this Republican Mascot and I knew I had to cuddle with it.

While we were in Vienna, we saw an Opera! Just to say we saw an Opera in Vienna! Because we are cool like that.

Standing room tickets were 2 Euro, the opera was Il Barbarie el Sevil, or something, because I just butchered the italian of the name, but known in English as the Barbar of Seville. I saw Figaro performed Live in an Opera! So freakin' Awesome!

We took off after about an hour because we had been walking around all day and could only stand for so much longer.

After Vienna? Budapest!!! First night, we ate at a traditional Hungarian restaurant complete with Live Gypsy music.

the next day, we did a lot of walking around.

The parliment in the background of this picture is so freagin' cool.

We also caught the train out to Szentendre, don't ask me how to pronounce that, and we did a bit of sightseeing and shopping out there.

(yes, I'm in a lot of these pictures, its hard to get mom to pose for them. See my T-shirt? Running joke in Austria, a lot of people find their way there and ask where the Kangaroos are.

Stupid gag I saw that made me laugh. Cheap thrill. Bunny with a gun. hehe.

When we were in Buda, under the Castle District is a Labrynth. It was freakin' sweet!

Which brings us to the Present. Venice!!!

Which we came by Night Train. . . this is me looking like a dead animal, or so mom said.

Touring Venice included a Gondola ride.

Which brings us to the present. We are busy washing the much needed laundry and spending a lot of money drying them, and I'm blogging in the internet cafe to bring everyone up to speed. Mostly the family who keeps complaining that they don't get to see enough pictures. Well, there you are!

More pictures here. Feel free to surf through them!

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