College Classes

So, um, I was walking back to my room when somebody catches up with me and takes note that there is a new class being offered at the UMUC (University of Maryland University College, yeah, I know, it is of the same redundancy as the American Dodgeball Association of America but they give me free classes so I'm not complaining).

As soon as I heard the name of this Junior Level Literiture class, I found a reason to go ahead and skip BNCOC all together. Yeah, I know, I should go ahead and take BNCOC, but part of me really really REALLY doesn't want to, especially considering I'm getting out in a few months anyway. And I am going back to college when I get back to the states so I probably should focus more on that anyway.

So I go over the Tuition Assistance office and ask to sign up for this literature class, and since I'm taking this, I might as well look over what other classes they have to offer and get some of those bad boys out of the way as well.

So, well, when you are coming to the end of a deployment, not a lot of people are thinking about School. They are thinking about going home. And after being here for nine months, nobody wants to think about what they need to do over the course of the next three or so.

Where am I going with this? Well, I signed up for my literature class, and then I saw a class called English 246, The Short Story. See, I like to write, and although I'm not sure exactly if this is a class where we write short stories or read short stories, but I'll take either one because my story writing could use a real kick in the pants to shorten them up a little from novel proportions.

But, well, that class is in danger of getting canceled because not enough people are interested in taking college classes right now. Grr. . .

Fall back plan! During the same time frame, there is German 112. I'm just taking it as a refresher course because after being in Germany last month, I discovered that I would really like to get a little more proficeint with my linguistics and even learn to speak another language more then haphazardly.

But, well, that class is in danger of getting canceled too. Double Grr. . .

Well, yes, you might agree that at my Junior level, I might be a little, I don't know, beyond certain class levels, but with a General AA degree, I'm thinking about going back to school for a Bachelors in. . . something. Something might be science related. And although I've got Biology, Astronomy, and Paleontology, I could stand to kick up my Science Credits a bit more. considering, well, I'm a Science Nut. So I signed up for NSCI 100, Intro to Physical Science.

Um, that one is in danger of getting canceled too. More Grr. . .

So anyway, next week, we'll find out how well things go with my classes, if I get to take my Short Story Class or if I have to settle for German, or if I'll just not have to settle for anything. . . well, actually the downside of all of this is it conflicts with my Kajukenbo, which has been very shaky anyway. I haven't had a Kajukenbo class for over four weeks now, not just because of Leave either, but because it seems like everything else on Bondsteel, people have disappeared off the face of the earth when it comes to extracurricular activities. And then of course, Physical Science.

So, what is this mysterious Literature Seminar I signed up for anyway? ENGL389, World of Harry Potter. Now does that sound like a kick butt class or what?

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