Saints and Soldiers

Apparently my agent Murray over on Silent Running put up a criptic movie review on one such movie known as Saints and Soldiers. It was a movie I had in my inventory that I had picked up via word of mouth but hadn't ever gotten around to watching. When he mentioned it, I was wondering what this was all about because it didn't sound like the movie I had heard about.

So this morning I actually watched it, and thought it was Excellent. And I also didn't see how it could be concieved in the way Murray portrayed it as.

What it was in a nutshell? A movie about four American Soldiers caught behind enemy lines who run across a British Soldier with valuable information and together they must make their way to allied territory. One of the Soldiers known as 'Deacon' is a former Mormon Missionary who served in Berlin and therefore speaks German and is a bit torn about fighting the people he once taught, who is also fighting his own personal demons from an incident that happened to him the previous week. However, it never mentions in the film what religion he belongs to, so I wouldn't call this film a 'mormon' film. And I don't see it as being derogatory toward Americans or for that matter Germans. I think the lesson it teaches is that in the chaos that is war, we are all still human. I wouldn't call it anti-war either, though truthfully every graphic war film that portrays war accurately is in a sense an Anti War film, by the very nature of what war entails. The lesson the Medic is taught in the end is a good one, it is a decent film that has a strong message at the end, with a slight religious undertone.

Hey Murray, I recommend giving this one another shot. Get past the first ten minutes and watch it all the way through. It really is a good flick.

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