More on that Picture Posting Ban

So, I mentioned previously that I am currently not allowed to post any pictures. Well, this is the story behind that, a story that apparently took place while I was gone on leave.

Anyway, the bare story is, there was this website somewhere back in the states that was allowing soldiers to view its content at no charge in exchange for pictures taken in the warzone. You can see how this posed somewhat of a problem, as the soldiers posted various different pictures involving their jobs and what not, however the government couldn't shut down this one site, due to freedom of Information act or what not, but they did have the power to shut down the ability for soldiers to post pictures on any website. Period.

The information I got was from the Stars and Stripes, which is a Military Newspaper for service members overseas.

Army won't pursue charges in posting of grisly war-zone photos on Web site

Army investigators won’t pursue criminal charges against anyone involved in a Web site that posts sometimes-grisly photos ostensibly submitted by U.S. soldiers in war zones. The site offered soldiers free access to pornographic materials in exchange for the photos.

The site, which normally charges visitors to look at amateur pornography, had drawn the ire of the Pentagon and Muslim advocacy groups, prompting an Army inquiry. But late Wednesday, an Army spokesman said the Criminal Investigation Command did not find enough evidence to pursue felony charges.

And of course, the ban itself. I don't have any information specifically in the form of an actual document, but when I asked questions about it, I somehow managed to spark the ire of my senior officer, so the matter is dead to him, I'm not allowed to post pictures. Period.
Photography is prohibited in most DOD facilities. Do NOT post any photographs on any Web sites.

Now, I'm not sure if they are saying do NOT post photographs of DOD facilities on websites or do NOT post photographs period.

One of the other bullets that was suggested was not to discuss my job within DOD, but that is a bit late I fear. Besides, my job ain't that exciting.

So why do I insist bringing this up? Because it affects my morale when my personal website is being picked over for stupid things after I've done as much as I can to make sure that I don't divulge sensitive information. This is one of many reasons why I am choosing NOT to reenlist at this time.

Now, the ban may not be all that its cracked out to be, this is the story I got and my seniors are telling me that I have to stick to it. Which sucks. Believe me.

I mean, I can't even post a picture I got with GEN Schoomaker when he came to Kosovo last week, (GEN Schoomaker is the Chief of Staff of the Army, in case you didn't know).

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