TFF XI Yearbook

So, in the last minute, I got stuck doing Med Falcon's pages for the yearbook.

Yes, having a year book in a combat zone is kind of odd. But its basically a book with pictures of our year here. Which is, well, what a year book is.

Unfortunately, for some reason my computer doesn't like Adobe Pagemaker software. I installed it four times to no results, no matter what I do, it just. . . doesn't want to load.

Which means I have a week to put together four pages for the yearbook, with no software.

Hmm. . .

Well, with me being in charge of Med Falcon's section of the yearbook, I can make fun of people in my task force by putting awful pictures of them in there! Yeah, that's one thing I could do!

You know how hard it is to blog with That 70's Show on in the background?

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