Explaining the Hiatus

You know, maybe a week is a little long to go on hiatus without any other excuse to update. . . but its officially Friday now.

Meanwhile, I think the break was good for me. See, when I left on leave, I had this looming presence over the thing knowing I would have to come back to Kosovo, and face the consequences of the last two days before I went on leave. Let's just say that those two days weren't much fun for me, which sucked because I WAS GOING ON LEAVE!!! Garr!

Well, sure enough, I wasn't to thrilled to be coming back to this place, especially after the marvelous time I had in Europe. I mean, I would have rather gone to IRAQ for another six months then come back to Kosovo for another three, thats how bad this feeling of dread was. But I bucked up, decided I needed to face it sooner or later, and was proven the following day I got back that my suspicions weren't very far off.

Let's just say that I wasn't a happy camper. And the knowledge that I'm not allowed to post ANY pictures period just adds to the wonderful fact.


So anyway, after I basically got my butt chewed, I worked my tail off for the rest of the day trying to get caught up and then when I got released, it kind of hit me.

That it hit me would be an understatement. So I wasn't very happy, and a few people took note that I wasn't happy. And I posted a rant about my feelings too, a rant that was heavily edited from a far worse rant.

So after a talk with a few people about what was going on in my head, I decided that the best thing I could do was chill and get my head in the right place again. That mean voluntarily stepping away from anything that could potentially be a place to explode, and believe me, it was needed. Maybe the week was a little to long, I could have gotten by with over the weekend, but the matter is resolved now and I can go about my daily business once again.

Unfortunately, that little Art Therapy I mentioned? Well, I tried to utilyze it but only succeeded in drawing some very bad scribbles. *grumble* I thought artists did their best art when they were moody???

Oh well, hope that explains that. Anyway, I'm just fine, still hanging in there, and am focused on ending this deployment on a positive note more then anything.

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