Jinxed by a Guinea Pig

I can't believe I never made the connection before now.

When I was in Bulgaria at the beginning of last month, I saw this cute cuddly little guinea pig and wanted a picture with it, because the opportunities to snuggle with furry animals is few and far between here in Kosovo (where anything that walks on four legs or flies is banned from contact unless you are participating in a VetCap.)

This picture, btw, is safe. It has already been posted before and is not new on any account.

So anyway, I wasn't exactly sure what the guy who owned the Guinea pig was saying to me at the time I picked the Guinea Pig up, as I don't speak any Bulgarian what so ever, until our cabbie, who acted as a linguist at times such as these, informed me that the Guinea pig did a trick. The owner put an open box filled with slips of papers under the Guinea Pig and it sniffed at them for a moment before pulling one out. It turned out that the Guinea Pig was a fortune teller of sorts.

Ok, interesting. I got a picture with the little furry critter and we moved on, while Cipi the Cab Driver translated the fortune into English.

Most of it was positive. But at the end was a little warning, which at the time I thought was laughable, being an American and all. It informed me that I should never drive again, and always use public transportation. Whatever, I'm not a superstitious sort and i put the Fortune away.

Fast forward about three weeks later. I was getting ready to leave on R&R and what did I do? I get into a car accident.

I didn't make the connection until yesterday, when Nate, who just got back from his leave, told me about it. He put two and two together while he was on leave as well.

D'oh! That damn Guinea Pig!

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