As the Months Go By

November 1st. Day One of Nanowrimo. How many words have I gotten done?


Today was a busy day, and now i have to get ready for German Class. So I think I will officially be starting tomorrow. I'm not to horribly worried, I got the story I decided I would write in my head. In fact, I'm continuing a story I had started before (I'm not going to count the already written total, however). I think I might even post it online as I write it. I'm not too concerned about people stealing it actually, I don't really care if they do. Well, actually, i do mind a wee bit, though I'm not sure if I'll get the required 50,000 words (but when I get in the habit of writing, I'm a writing fool). I also didn't officially sign up either, I'm kind of doing this on my own. But no big deal. Ok, that was remedied, I'm officially signed up now.

Meanwhile, I've been tasked with the Yearbook, and I got to working on that and trying to finish it up today. It goes. Not entirely smoothly and all, but I think eventually this too shall pass and then I can move onto bigger and better things. Like Slideshows.

Also, I will be winding down and posting less and less on my blog as the next few months progress, I may even stop completely for a short while on account of three things. One, I'm going to be busy and I don't want to worry about blogging, and two, I'm offering it as a courtesy to my command who politely asked me that as things start getting crazy and we are getting ready to leave that I shouldn't be divulging information to the rest of the world. I think I can grant them that request, so probably around mid December, my blogging may come to a complete halt (with an occaisional Merry Christmas Post thrown in for good measure) and I'll start up again when I get back to the states.

Third reason was Nanowrimo. I'll be busy writing my story in my limited spare time. Between work, school, and finishing that boarhog and miscellanious other art trades.

Blisters are doing better. I can actually walk normally now. I'm going to still see if I can get out of the run on Thursday however.

The rest of this week is going to be nuts! Heck, what am I saying? The rest of this year is going to be Nuts! Wish me luck!

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