The Physics of Whoop Ass

So, I got back into Kajukenbo this week. We kind of went less into forms and more into gut instinct and what you can do if you find yourself in a situation where you just have to let loose on the guy and take him out quick and painless, for you at least.

We were kind of going over the rudementary forms over the last couple of days, cutting down to the bare basics, and its been kind of nice, seeing that this might be the last time in Kosovo that I can do Kajukenbo, but fortunately there is a basic Karate class afterwards that I can still attend that runs four times a week. I'm really thinking about jumping in on that starting next week (or the week after, depending on my schedule). But whatever the case, when I get home, I will definitely find a dojo in town and really start focusing on this more. I really do enjoy it.

Meanwhile, as an added bonus, today we went over Knife Techniques and some things you can do to defend yourself if you come in contact with a knife. Or if you have to fight and all you have is a knife. Which is Ok as long as the other guy doesn't have a gun. Good stuff.

I want to get better at the weapons aspect of Martial arts. Especially swords. And I think I want to get into knives.

Does this make me weird?

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