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Beth looks pissed. She wants that Queen of clubs and she'll order anyone around if she has to to get it. But meanwhile she makes a valid point in regards to the latest info on the cards.

John, the (Imperial) Armorer and Master of Castle Argghhh!!! is not in the cards listing. Hmm, if I nominate him, he gets ten points (and I can do this if I haven't nominated anybody for the clubs card yet, and I technically didn't nominate myself). However, another one that should be in the cards I would think is SGT Stryker.

But I can only nominate one!?! Argghhh!!!

Hmm, can I split the points and give them five points each?

(time for some german class)

Update - I realized I never nominated anybody for the Hearts Suit. I think I'm going to nominate my archnemesis SarahK, though I have to admit that there are quite a few other blogs that I was tempted to throw my vote toward.

Now they're voting on Hearts, the Clubs are over. I think I made the cards, though I didn't get a face card, Beth seems to have nabbed the honor of Queen of Clubs. She seems a worthy opponent for the honor, I tip my hat to her. However, the totals aren't in, (nominations are ten points) and often times my website doesn't do trackbacks. So I might get a low card, I might not. Somebody else might beat me out of the running.

We'll see. But if I do make a card, who'll buy a deck? They'll work on making an actual deck if there's enough interest!

Anyway, go over to Aaron's and vote for the Hearts. My vote's going to SarahK.

Update Again - er, so anyway, I misunderstood the meaning of what Higher Beings, Mortal Humans and Playful Primates meant. I didn't know what the Truth Laid Bear was, basically an ecosystem of Weblogs. Turns out I'm a rather Large Mammal, or something. And not even a large one at that.

So, um, I can endorse somebody, but it means nothing if I nominate them. No extra points from me (I should read the fine print more in detail in the future)

But the good news! I think I got a card! Probably the four or five of clubs, somewhere around there. Hmm, I'll take it!

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