Army Time

So, where am I at in my military career?

I'm not sure. But looking back on this deployment, I can tell you what I like and don't like about the military.

I've often griped about my job here, especially within the hospital, and muttering how much I hate my task force. And then I thought about it and discovered 'you know? Maybe I don't hate my task force. I just don't like working in a hospital, and that's where I'm at.' Because the people within my task force are by and large really good people who work hard at their job (and most of the time I don't even know what they do exactly) But the problem with the Hospital is that a hospital in teh army is not the army. Its a hospital. I love the army for the army, not because I wear green everyday and go to work in a clinical environment. Gag.

Several people have told me that I should work in the S1 shop or do something more with a computer and I'm thinking "are you crazy? I don't want to work on a computer 24/7, that would drive me nuts! I enjoy working on the computer on my own terms, but making that my job would make me loathe it. And I think that's part of my problem here. I literally work in an office on my deployment. True, I get out of the office to do things with my work, but it isn't work I like to do. Mostly because I 'HATE' inspections. But my idea of enjoying my job means not being in an Office. And that has been a problem. Kosovo wouldn't be bad, if I were doing something else. I have a computer, I could get online anytime I want on my own hours. Several people have mentioned that they would prefer to have an office. I generally get bored in one if I'm not busy with a handson assignment.

Well, working in the SAV-T will always remind me of what I love about the army. I loved Basic Training, didn't mind AIT but wish we weren't in the classroom so much and then I got back to my unit and thought 'this is it?'

I love the army to do army things. I think that was one of the reasons I was drawn to being a drill sergeant, not because it was an excuse for me to yell at people (though that's got its perks) but because if I were to do that, I would be doing what i love to do. And that is the army. I think actually my ideal job in the army would be a basic grunt, or even a training NCO or something along those lines. But since 11B (infantry) is closed to women, I have to look at other options.

I don't know if I'll reenlist or not, I'm doing to go home, let my family try to talk me out of it, take some time off and relax while working a simple but relatively easy job at the local Hastings for a few months and maybe explore some options.

We'll see if the army can successfully talk me back into the fold. Or one of those recruiters can sweet talk me. Just as long as I don't get caught up doing a job I don't want to do.

Or getting stuck in a hospital again.

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