Yearbook Immortalization

So, we're busy finalizing the yearbook. And because I got finnagled onto the yearbook staff at the last minute, the Yearbook people get to have pictures in the yearbook of ourselves, kind of like our own page, you know!

I was trying to debate what to put in there to represent me, and I was looking at some of the silly pictures I took during this deployment. Because I never take myself seriously, and people would be good to know not to take me seriously either.

So, I was originally going to post this picture.

Because it shows me at work doing Preventive Medicine type thingies. And it's kind of a funny picture where I'm not really acting serious, you know, just a way to laugh at myself.

But then I came to realize that I have a perfect picture to put in there. One that makes made me slightly infamous.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to any of the photoshopped versions, I only have the original, Air Hose and all. But you know? That's ok.

This tells it all. And immortalized in a yearbook. Yeah, what am I thinking?

The yearbook staff got a kick out of it. And further kicks out of the Merchandising link. NOw their asking me why I haven't capitalized on the image more? I think Murray is working on helping me with that issue.

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