This Little Piggy is Finished. . .

. . .I think. I'll wait to see if Murray has any other requests on how to fine tune the little oinker.

For those of you coming into this post a little late in the game, this is in direct response to this post HERE. The one with me deciding to make a Crusader Pig verses a Boarhog, and if I did a Crusader Pig, which style should I use?

I kind of made one completely different, but fine tuned it a bit so he's not so uneven and crooked. Though, well, if I dwell on him, I'll point out all his flaws. That's what I get for being a highly critical type artist. Blah.

The boarhog is here.

Those took far longer then they probably should have. You can buy Boarhog and piggy merchandise at the Risawn Down Under Shop. All proceeds go to getting me down under. My minions are behind it.

update So. . .I am told that this little piggy is supposed to look cute and unintimidating. I was asked to fix the eyeballs and make them big and round, not pointed and angry. And make a few other changes.

I'll keep you updated on whether or not this is the finished product.

Update Again Ahh. . . all is well, Murray is satisfied.

I can't tell you to honestly go buy stuff however, because I'm not allowed to ask for money on my website while I'm on active duty. So. . . you can go over to Silent Running and THEY can tell you to buy stuff.

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