Time Draws Nearer

People are already counting the days until they get to go home. I refuse to do so, mainly because my experience with the military has taught me you don't count the days to anything. Because they will give us a specific date, we'll get all hyped up on that, and then something will happen and it gets delayed for another week or so.

I know the timeframe, I'll be glad if we get out of here within two weeks of our projected 'we're going home' date.

And because my re-up date has come, and gone, I'm getting a bunch of questions and emails and stuff asking me if I want to re-enlist.

It's like the Godfather. You think you got out, but they pull you back in!

Meanwhile, I'm busy at work making a slide show for the amusement of people within my task force, to include a lot of pictures of myself so people get to laugh at my expense. I have no problem with this, because 'usually' I don't take myself that seriously anyway. But sometimes people need to take me a little more seriously then they do.
Anyway, I'm going home in a couple of months. What do I have to look forward to?

  • I can Wear whatever I want!
  • Share the road with other cars, trucks, whatever, and be able to drive 65 MPH.
  • Not sharing the road with Kosovo Harleys, Horse Drawn Carts and tractors going about 5 KPH.
  • Things will be in Miles instead of Kilometers again!
  • I will not longer require a converter for my appliances!
  • Fast Food consists of more then Cinnabon, Burger King, and Anthony's Pizza.
  • Fine Dining is more then just going to eat at KFOR Main.
  • Television will consist of more then 5 scrambled channels without every other commercial being about anti Terrorism and OPSEC.
  • Goodby to IPKO, my unreliable internet provider (well, reliable as far as Kosovo goes)
  • I can see a movie the day it comes out like everyone else, instead of waiting for three or more months to see it at the Theater.
  • Guys won't be so desperate when the male female ratio will no longer be 20:1.
  • I can shop at more places then just the PX.
  • I am not required to wear a hat every time I step outdoors.
  • I can wear earrings.
  • Bubble Bath!
  • As much as I love shooting big guns, I will be glad to be rid of my 'security blanket' when I leave this place. Having a rifle with you 24/7 is a PITA.
  • I don't have to share my bathroom with 19 other women.
  • No longer will I have to see a nice pile of crap in the toilet every time I have to go number 2. (Long story. Its the toilets here. They're weird)
  • I don't have to share my Bedroom with anybody.
  • I can Drink if I want to! (Ok, so I don't drink, but that is what will be on top of many people's lists)
  • I get to pay for Gas again! (oh wait, that's negative)

So that's what I'm leaving here that I can't wait to see the end of. Except that last one. But while I'm on that same token, this is what I'll miss about this place.
  • Free Food (granted, its gross, but its free!)
  • Transportation is paid everywhere I go.
  • Tax Free Zone!
  • No Rent.
  • No Bills other then the ones I left behind.
  • Meeting people from all over Europe.
  • Greece and Bulgaria.
  • MWR is Cool.
Edit - D'oh! MWR stands for Morale, Welfare and Recreation, they are our morale center that keeps us motivated by providing phones, entertainment and what not.

Hmm, I'll make another list right before I leave.

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