The Damage to my Pop Culture Knowledge is Apparent

So I was waiting in line for the phones watching the football game (sidenote, yes I tried to call home, but all the lines were down, so I'll try later tonight) and it made it to the Half Time show. I was just listening when it mentioned something along the lines of a 'Female Artist with the number one selling album of 2005', and I casually wonder who this might be. I'm a little out of the loop, like I mentioned, I was wondering if it was somebody like Beyonce Knowles, who knows.

And then they say "mariah Carrey" and I do a double take, thinking 'huh?' Mariah actually made a come back???

Then I heard a song she was singing, one I've heard in the Coffee Shop one to many times, and then thought 'that's Mariah Carrey?'

What am I going to do with myself when I get home? I have to work at a job that depends on me knowing what's current, what is going to happen when somebody mentions a movie and I go 'huh?'

*sigh* I guess I'll manage.

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