Rifle Marksmanship, again.

I trained on the SAV-T today. Because of my lackluster performance in the Prone Unsupported despite the fact that I'm pretty freakin' lethal in the Prone Supported, I decided I would see if I could get some extra training and maybe up my performance a bit.

See, we're having a range day *soon* and I'm going to go to this range with every intent on qualifying. And I better qualify Expert Damn it!

So at the SAV-T, I was sitting there with elbow pads shooting in the prone supported, prone unsupported, with the type of qualifying card we generally use here in Bondsteel. It looks like this. You have to put two rounds in each target in the Prone Supported (laying down with your rifle laying on a Sandbag. . . or something) and then two more rounds in each target in the Prone Unsupported (just lying down with no support on the weapon).

So I practiced putting rounds in targets in a similator. They had us practicing with M4s, saying that it is more difficult to qualify with an M4 then an M16.

So we did it just like we usually do, and my first round? 38 out of 40.

We did a few other excercises, like quick shooting, working on double tapping targets and shooting two to the chest and one to the head, among other things. Second score? 37 out of 40.

We did it again, just to keep in practice. Again, 38 out of 40.

What in the heck is my problem? I can go to the range, hit 19 out of 20 in the Prone Supported, and totally flake it in the Prone Unsupported. They tell me it might be my trigger squeeze, or heck, it might be the flack jacket doesn't fit me and they force me to wear it. My bad that I actually didn't practice in the SAV - T today with my flack jacket on, but hopefully, when I go back to qualify later, I can kill those targets mercilessly. I plan on hitting near if not at 37 out of 40. I just have to get a grip on the rifle in the prone unsupported. That's what I'm missing.

Because if I can actually qualify, and qualify near expert, I will jump the gun on the german Schutzenschnur and they can't keep that sucker away from me now. And I don't care what they say, I'll even post pictures! Somehow. Maybe.

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