I Quit!

Ok, the Nanowrimo is going nowhere. Mostly because I had my sights set on working on one story, and now that I did that, suddenly I don't want to work on that story, I want to work on any 'other' story that I'm working on. Because I have about fifteen in my inventory that I go back to and start dawdling with at any given time.

And right now, I can't get myself to work on the story I laid out.

I shouldn't feel bad about 'failing' the Nanowrimo, mostly because I started my first story back in '99 and it ammassed over a thousand pages since then. And I know I got over 50,000 words into it in November alone that year. So quite truthfully, I unofficially won the very first Nanowrimo.

Strangely enough, that was the first time I started to really write. I didn't write much before then.

Besides, with me being tasked to help with the Urine testing for FMPP, now finishing up the Yearbook and getting started on the Slideshow and Task Force Christmas party, being completely in charge of the Hearing Booth and most likely get slammed with that before it gets pulled due to calibration purposes, my desire to start school (did I mention Science is a Go but Harry Potter might not be?) and now this sudden influx in drawing desires, do I really want to burdon myself with this novel when I would rather write other stories anyway? I'd most likely just skirt around and come back to it anyway.

Besides, Just Like Heaven finally made it to Bondsteel, and I want to see my evil Twin and Napoleon Dynamite.

When I get back to the states, I'm going to hear all of these songs on the radio and mention how cool they are and people will be griping about how much the radio has played them for the last eight months. And I won't have a freakin' clue as to what's current with movies. I hope that doesn't hurt me to bad when I go back to my old job of working retail in a Movie/Music/Book store. (but hopefully it will be temporary)

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