Boar Hog Crusaders

So, there's the finished Boar hog. I guess I could go back and make adjustments to it in Photoshop, as I did it in colored pencil and the colored pencil didn't scan very well. So I already tweaked it in photoshop, but I think there are a few more adjustments to be made, and if I stare at it for to long, everyhting that is wrong with it will pop out at me.

Gah! I hate being my own worse art critic.

Since the boarhog was the most popular, I did it. Next up, a simple image of the 'cute' pig as well. Look for that in the not to distant future.

Meanwhile, my foot is cluing in the rest of my body that its time to go to sleep. As for some reason I've lost all feeling in it.

(you can buy stuff with the Boar Hog through Silent Running, it goes to benefit the Risawn Down Under fund. My minions are working to get me to New Zealand and Australia. Do I have cool minions or what?)

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