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Ok, I just ran across this in my mailbox for the Carnival of Cordite (I honestly should email him more stuff) and found out about the Deck o' Bloggers 2005 at Aaron's CC:

Apparently I'm nominated for the Queen of Clubs (Queens and Hearts reserved for female bloggers, and clubs reserved for Milbloggers. ???) That would be cool, its a face card. I can picture it now.

Gah! Nevermind, maybe I don't want too!? Anyway, it looks like that might be a tight race. Beth at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has already called dibs. She's got a head start on me. No fair!

Oh well.

(pssst! You can vote in the sidebar! Top female Milblogger automatically gets the Queen of HeartsTypo! Clubs)

Of course, they also have me linked through my now decidedly defunct Milblog. I had to link that thing to bring people directly to this joint.

Anyway, this has been going on for the last four or five days, but I'm now just hearing about it. That's what I get for being out of the loop on things.

I'm not exactly sure how this nomination thing goes, but I nominate the Gullyborg Blog (Resistance is Futile!) for the Jack of Spades. Because he asked me to, and he was the one who informed me on this whole spiel.

I don't know who else to nominate (I've been out of the loop on the blogosphere for a while) except for my buddies over at Silent Running. But since I don't know what each card stands for, I just know they can't be nominated for Hearts or Clubs. So what does Spades and Diamonds mean? I'll nominate them for one of those categories.

And I nominate either Scott Ott, James Lileks, or FrankJ for the Joker. One of them has got to get it, right?

Can I do that? Is that how they do this?

I don't know, I kind of stumbled in on this.

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