Range Day

Well, in other news, I finally went to the range today to qualify. I'll be brief and to the point.

19 out of 20 in the Prone Supported (this seems to be rather consistent)
16 out of 20 in the Prone Unsupported.

35 out of 40, Sharp Shooter baby! WooHOO! Which brings me up in the Order of Merit list and guarantees me a slot in the next Schutzenshnur!

Um, actually, I think my slot was guaranteed in the next Schutzenschnur (which is not the upcoming Schutzenschnur but the one following it), but that is a long story of its own. Let's just say I've moved from an Alternate to a definite slot. *squee!*

(I like Elbow Pads. They work great on plywood)

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