First Snow of the Season

So, it's snowing today! The first snowfall in Kosovo for this season. Which makes me a little giddy with joy as if it is snowing down here, then it has to be snowing in Brezavica.

Brezavica is the Kosovo ski resort. As soon as it opens up and they allow trips up there, I'll be gone for the day. Snowboarding. Which is my passion.

And I will take pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

The downside of snow however, is that snow is cold. Although I love snow, I don't like the cold. Especially when we're going to the range soon and if there is snow on the ground, that means I better be bundled up. Because I must qualify. And if I qualify expert, I'm going to the Schutzenshnur, and right now I have two goals for the rest of my time in Kosovo. Well, other then to make it home relatively sane and whole.

Goal Number Uno - Go Snowboarding in Brezavica.
Goal Number Dos - Qualify on the German Schutzenshnur.

They are both so close yet so far away. I might not get to do either, depending on how things go, if things heat up in Kosovo or not, or whether the weather just doesn't cooperate. As if it snows to much and the roads aren't good, we won't be able to go to Brezavica. And the snow can also cancel the Schutzenshnur. If the roads are considered to hazardous to take us to the German Camp that is.

But to think, i did pretty good in my time here so far. I did the Dancon, which is something I wanted to do, I climbed Big Duke. I've seen Greece and Bulgaria. I learned Kajukenbo, started learning the Guitar and am at a point that I could practice and teach myself from here on out. I got back into my art (though perhaps not in the direction I would have preferred to pursue). Helped out with the Yearbook, learned some Software trades with that. Discovered what I enjoy and don't enjoy about the army and more specifically my job. If I go home thinking that this year has been a waste, I really need to look back and consider all of the things I did that was good.

And I also got a huge compliment from the UPL OIC yesterday with my participation with the Urinalysis, no, not my favorite job here, but one I took seriously and tried to do the best I could. And apparently it showed. I have often felt frustrated at my job performance while stationed here, wanting to do better but somehting seemed to be holding me back. I've been analyzing my performance within my section a lot lately. I've got some hypothesis on that, in regards to how I think and my relationship with the people I work with, but perhaps that specific discussion is not appropriate to bring up in the form of my blog. Perhaps its just something I need to bring up with my chain of command. With a straight face and a calm demeanor, just something I need to talk to them about, to make sure that what happened with me doesn't happen again in the future.

Meanwhile, well, its snowing big fluffy snowflakes right now, and my science class is ended for the day, I did well on my first test, and now its back to work I go.

After I grab a quick bite to eat at the chow hall.

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