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Wow, I haven't had a whole lot of time to post about my adventures in Virginia and DC, because I want to take five years to edit the pictures and then I have to write about the experience and all of this other stuff and by the end of the day, I'm so beat from walking around everywhere (DC will do that to you) that I just want to surf for a minute, check my email and then crash.

Anyway, DC is done. I got a couple stories that I will share, as well as some pictures. Probably will end up posting the pictures when I get back to Kentucky though. Or when I find a location where I have more time.

Right now, I need to find a Laundromat. When I find one, I'll probably post more then.

Tomorrow is Philidelphia, for key historical sites, and then its off to New York City the following day.

After that, I'm not all that sure.

Watched teh Palin/Biden debate yesterday. It was interesting, as I was in DC, staying in a Hostel that was run by a raging liberal (he was a nice guy when you didn't talk politics with him) and so I got to watch the debate while listening to a bunch of people make fun of the way Sarah Palin pronounces things. I went to the blogosphere to see what they had to say about her performance, because I couldn't really pay attention to it when I was listening to people begging Biden to slap her, insisting that it would immediately elect him to Vice President.

It was an interesting social position I was in. I didn't say much, but I think after a moment they might have gotten the impression that I was a conservative.

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