Happy Halloween

I dressed up for Halloween this year. . . sort of.

You see, I'm on the road right now, driving home *YAY!!!* and I wanted to have something comfortable and easy to wear, and not having to do anything with a mask.

I actually had this idea a long time ago, four years ago in fact, but I couldn't make it work then because I couldn't get the right kind of stickers. Well, when I was in NYC this year, I managed to pick up some buttons to make it work. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get the shirt but I picked that up a couple of days ago.

Now the question i have for you is, can you figure out what I am?

I walked around wearing this all day (er, not the jacket) and nobody seemed to notice anything strange unless i pointed it out to them. And then they laughed. One person told me I should be careful, I might get attacked.

I am, afterall, currently in Illinois.

But it goes with the season, don't you think?

Left side

Right side

(I can't help it, I love that "Barack to the Future" Button)

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