The Hypocracy Kills Me

Yes, a little political talk, because I have to admit, the way this election cycle is going, it is downright ridiculous.

We'll start with Joe the Plumber. Anybody hear about him? He's just an average Joe trying to make a living and he has the nerve, the audacity to ask Barack Obama a question on the stump.

JOE WURZELBACHER: "I'm a plumber. You know, I work, you know, 10, 12 hours a day. If I buy another truck and add something else to it, and you know, build the company..."
OBAMA: "Right."
WURZELBACHER: "... you know, I'm getting taxed more and more."
OBAMA: "Nobody likes high taxes."
WURZELBACHER: "No, not at all."
OBAMA: "Right? Of course not. So -- but what's happened is, is that we end up -- we've cut taxes a lot for folks like me who make a lot more than $250,000. We haven't given a break to folks who make less. It's not that I want to punish your success, I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they've got a chance at success, too. And everybody is so pinched that business is bad for everybody. And I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." (FOX News' "On The Record," 10/13/08)

Ok, for a minute, let's forget Joe the Plumber and focus on Obama. His answer to Joe's question is downright socialistic. This is scary times, but what is interesting to me that suddenly, after the Liberals and Obama keep harping on the fact that any little criticism detracts from the real issues, now that some ordinary middle class American has dared bring to light the true nature of what an Obama Presidency might bring, instead of focusing on what Obama said, the whole "spread the wealth around", Joe the Plumber is now the focus of a massive Character Attack as his personal life comes unto intense scrutinity.

Proof? Well, from a blogger's perspective, I'll just link to Ace of Spades, Here, Here, Here, and Here.

There's also this crap being spewed by liberal sources such as Huffington Post courtesy of Right Wing News.

What is this a sign of? Well, from my own humble opinion, its a little enlightening of what the US will be like if Obama gets the most powerful office in the nation. Because the issue that has aroused from this debate has turned it onto Joe Wurzelbacher, making him the focus of attention, when all he did was ask Obama a question. Quite frankly, as far as I'm concerned, Joe is an ordinary citizen, he doesn't appear to be running for higher office and last I checked, most ordinary citizens have a little dirt in their past. Hell, I'm disthymic, have a chronic lead foot with plenty of speeding tickets to prove it, and have a bad NCOER stating that I'm completely incompetent in the field of Preventive Medicine. Should I ever have the opportunity to meet Barack Obama and dare ask him a question with the News Media present that made headline news because of Obama's questionable answer, the focus would immediately shift from him and all of my dirty laundry would come to light.

Hell, look at Sarah Palin, she is announced McCain's running mate and suddenly people are questioning whether Trig Palin is even her son with absolutely NO BASIS WHATSOEVER. But Trig Palin isn't the issue, if I were to say anything, I would say that this attempted character assassination was trying to deflect from the issues.

Because the issue is no longer about Barack Obama, but about the person who dares question him. The thing is, it shouldn't matter if the question came from Joe Wulzerbacher, Katie Couric or Jesus Christ himself (because as the only perfect person to ever walk the earth, good luck finding some dirt on him). The person asking the question is irrelevant. What should be detrimental is the answer that Barack Obama gave. That is the issue here, that is what the focus should be on. Doing a character assassination on Joe the Plumber to tear apart his credibility does not change the fact that Barack Obama stated that he wants to destribute the wealth just like the Socialists do.

I'm sorry, I have to disagree with that policy.

This whole election issue has been very enlightening, and I have been watching it very closely these last few months. But if you look at the trend for the last few months, every negative attack against Barack Obama is turned against the person making the attack, if you try to discuss his highly questionable number of personal acquaintances for which I doubt he would be able to get a Secret Security Clearance with the US Army, you are labeled as trying to detract from the issues and pointing out that Bill Ayers *a freakin' WHITE guy* as a terrorist who appears to have extremely close relations with Barack Obama, bloody hell you must be a racist. Every negative attack is deflected with lies and an excuse to detract from the issues, but they are relavent.

What gets me is for eight years we have heard people screaming Bush=Hitler and proclaiming that the Bush administration is encroaching on their constitutional rights and freedom of speech, but they kept doing it. But Barack Obama can't be criticized without being labeled as a racist and having your character attacked?

I'm sorry, but I see the first ammendment being under serious threat under a Barack Obama Presidency more so then the entire eight years of the Bush Administration.

No, I am NOT voting for Barack Obama, if that hasn't been made clear enough. And though I have remained relatively quiet on the political front for the past few months on account of being active duty military this summer and feeling that as a representative of the Army I need to keep my political opinions to a minimum, enough is enough. I am still a soldier, and as a soldier it is my duty to protect the constitution of the united states, and that includes MY right to free speech.

This country is going to hell in a handbasket right quick. People aren't paying attention to what's going on around them, thinking that if they ignore the issue, it might just go away, or somebody else might take care of it. But it's dangerous to think like that. You HAVE to pay attention, or before you know it, to many people are going to just lie low thinking that somebody else will fight the fight and then before you know it, we will have the executive branch (presidency), both legislative branches (senate and house of representatives) and the judicial branch (supreme court) in the hands of the liberals, with no system of checks and balances in play, just watch as this great nation turns to a liberal utopia of socialism and you find your freedoms stripped away for the greater cause.

I'm a conservative. I respect everybody has a right to an opinion, and if you believe that socialism is the way we should go, then more power to you. That's your opinion, I disagree with you but will respect your right to have that opinion. As a soldier that is my duty, to make sure everyone has a right to say what they want to say, that they have a voice and a right to their opinions.

The problem is, as a conservative, with the way things are going, the thuggary involved in the mainstream media and liberal left to anybody who dare opposes the inevitable election of 'The One', I might just lose my own voice.

I'm not going down without a fight, I've got about three weeks to election, and I'm not keeping quiet anymore. see ya all at the reeducation camps in January.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Perfunction via Instapundit

Very enlightening. . .

. . . one can only hope that people start waking up these next few weeks and see what kind of person Obama really is. . .

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