Kentucky Down Under

Yeah, I know, I still have the rest of my leave to post about.

It kind of got put on the backburner because I was looking for my digital camera (one of the small point and shoots I have) that it turns out, I think I forever misplaced. Because it is nowhere.

*sighs* The camera I'm not to worried about. Its a material possession (and it isn't the DSLR). Its the pictures on the memory stick I want. But getting upset over the fact isn't going to change the fact that I lost it. So onto other things.

This weekend, I took a trip to Cave Country here in Kentucky. I was actually planning on spending a couple of hours in Mammoth Cave or something and then found myself drawn to the fact that there is a lot to do in Cave City. It is a tourist trap, and very kid friendly. Alas, I had no kids with me, just myself, but taking advantage of my military discount, I went to Kentucky Down Under and saw some sheep and kangaroos.

I need to pull those pictures, but I didn't get any pictures of myself with the sheep or Kangaroos, though I did get a full idea of how well endowed Rams are. I was not aware of how low they can hang. Its a little disturbing sometimes.

However, I did see the Lories. They have this little enclosure where you can go in and feed the birds and they'll fly over you. Kind of like Pigeons do down in Venice Italy.

These birds are hilarious. They'll just perch on you and nibble on your ear and you just giggle snort in response.

As soon as I pull more pictures off of my DSLR, I'll update this post with them. Maybe I'll post up on DC too while I'm at it.

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