Sarah Palin Rally in Indiana

I'm in Jeffersonville Indiana right now.

Going to see Hank Williams Jr and of course, Sarah Palin.

Will tell you how it goes.

Update (9:18 PM EST): The rally was outstanding! Security estimated between 25-32,000 people showed up. Hank Williams Jr entertained the crowd and got things going a bit, but man, the crowd went WILD when Sarah Palin walked in. Everyone was cheering. I took a bunch of pictures with my super zoom lens camera and as soon as I get home I'll try to post some of them. I was about 25-40 feet away from Sarah I think, I'm not the best estimate on these numbers, but I got in early enough that I could get pretty close. Not that it helped matters, cause see, I'm very short and a lot of people were taller then me and I had to get over their heads to get a good shot.

Now, the logistics of getting out of this place, er, I might not be getting home for another couple of hours. Which sucks, because I have a few last minute things I have to do to get prepared to leave this place and a fairly early day tomorrow. But being from a very blue state, and currently residing in a very red state, this was my best opportunity to see Sarah Palin and I wasn't going to miss it! My parents say they are envious.

UPDATE (11:59 PM EST) - My video is horrendous. My trip home even more so. It took me an hour to get out of the parking lot, and there were a few people that were a little tempered unfortunately. They had a bussing system set up but because of the mass transit trying to get out, everyone ended up having to walk to their cars (I need to check myself for ticks after walking through a field and falling in a ditch).

Anyway, Picture Time!

This is a really quick quote I picked up (there were a lot more but I grabbed this one because I remembered it quite vividly) and I loved how she put this. Well stated, unfortunately the crowd cheering blurs out what she is saying but it might give you an idea of how crazy this crowd was.

Actually, I do have a video of everyone cheering as she walks in, but truthfully, the video can not do this justice. This place was just rockin'!

Of course, we are in the great state of Indiana (actually, this region is often referred to as Kentuckiana) so we had a lot of Hoosier references.

Best sticker ever.

Hank Williams JR rockin' it country. He played us a little Johnny Cash that I particularly enjoyed. Big Johnny Cash fan.

Sarah and the 'First Dude of Alaska'. I love what she calls him. I'm sure if Sarah ever makes it to the White House as President, he will still be known as the First Dude. Unfortunately, none of the munchkins were present.

I got a lot of Sarah just talking with the crowd cheering and what not. I like this shot, mostly because of the background. I am still learning the settings on this camera nad unfortunately learned after the fact that I could have used some different settings then I did to get some clearer shots, but hey, you live and learn.

I really like this one as well for some reason. I love the blurred foreground with people waving and cheering but you can make out Sarah through it.

Anyone who says that this woman is a drag on the ticket is on crack. She has energized the base like nothing I could have imagined. Everyone there LOVED her! We were all cheering, and I think she is a great speaker.

More Palin Love

Yeah, pictures not as clear as I would have hoped, *I'll get them better next time* but I'm so pumped I could have made it!

I've got plenty of campaign buttons now! I'll focus on a few of 'em, I got some good ones!

I specifically wanted to get a McCain-Palin T-shirt. I have plans for this. More tomorrow on that.

That was a blast! I immensely enjoyed getting out, though I need to be careful next time, as I am supposed to be packing to get myself ready to get out of here. But I couldn't pass this opportunity up.

Funny, I found out about this rally YESTERDAY and kind of nabbed tickets for it last minute. glad I could make it!

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Before the rally, I saw these four teenagers really enthused to see Palin. They can't wait to vote. I should merge this photo with another of Sarah speaking.

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