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My sister gave me a phone call today asking me some questions in regards to her website which is where she runs her business through. After explaining what she needed to do (I'm the family web guru when it comes to this sort of thing) we got to talking about politics. It was kind of a nice discussion to be able to tell somebody in words where I think this election is going and where we will be going depending on who wins the White House. I laid out the reasons why I think McCain is our best choice (I'm not a huge fan, but I am a big Palin fan and think she balances the ticket nicely) and why we should be doing everything we can to defeat Barack Obama.

I hate to admit it, but I would rather have Hillary on the ticket then Obama. I disagree with a lot of her stances, but I am also more confident in her ability to lead versus Mr Hope and Change who has no other merits to run on and has already been predicted to be challenged by Foreign Leaders ala JFK. Great. I'd rather see Hillary handle an international crisis versus 'the One'.

I have been reading blogs and following politics for the last couple months pretty closely. It is interesting how one can get so wrapped up in this stuff and it really will make you angry to get to thinking about it.

That said, as I've gone through different websites, and we still have just two weeks until election day, I thought I would post some links of some arugments that have been made in favor of McCain and against Obama. Now, I'm not a fan of getting in confrontations with heavy Obama supporters and using these talking points with them, as it will likely turn into a heated argument where neither side is willing to listen and somebody ends up in the ER with a political sign ran through their sternum.

The Comprehensive Case Against Barack Obama. Ok, they even admit that some parts of this is not entirely comprehensive, but this lays out some of the finer points as to why Barack Obama is bad for a our country, and why Reverand Wright and Bill Ayers do matter.

Manifesto of the Silenced Majority - Notice that any criticism on the part of The One is met with charges of Racism and Smears? Well, this is a well documented list of reasons why and conservative feels the need to vote against him.

The Left's Big Blunder - I just posted to this essay a couple of posts back, well I'm going to post to it again. A good list of reasons why not to get discouraged into thinking McCain is out of the race yet. A recommended read.

Look Who's Gripped with Insane Rage - When you hear the arguments about how bad the McCain/Palin rallies get with Keith Olbermann getting serious about the seriousness of people screaming "kill him" about Barack Obama (which has since been debunked as being false), just show them this to prove that the left is not without its own hate mongering and its not Sarah Palin's job to keep tabs of every little thing that comes out of the mouths of her supporters.

The Biden Gaffe Machine - can you imagine if Sarah Palin had said any of the things Joe Biden has? Bloody hell, it would be Dan Quayle and Potato all over again. Worse is how his latest gaffes have been creaping on him. Biden all out said that in the first six months Obama is going to be tested by an international crisis by our enemies who may percieve his inexperience as weakness and may likely screw it up, but we need to stand by him in support. most would say that this is a reason NOT to vote for him. Don't forget Barack Obama is not without his gaffes too. But it does show poor judgment on Obama's part to pick this guy as his running mate, don't you think? He should have picked Hillary if he wanted to win, but I'm guessing Hillary turned him down.

The Fannie mae and Freddie Mac Fiasco should have anyone up in arms over a $700 Billion dollar bailout. But while both candidates were for the bailout *gag me* one in particular is in it to his eyeballs with being the second largest reciepient of donations from this mess with only two years in the senate. There is something wrong there.

There was an awesome video that went viral describing this issue and how deep Barack Obama was in on the mess, but unfortunately whoever made it decided to use copyrighted music from Warner and it's been removed.

But the Democrats are largely responsible for this economic mess in the first place, and we are about to give them the House, the Senate, and the Presidency? Because they speak well and are able to deflect criticism by stating President Bush is in office, so it must be his fault.

Fascinating how ignorant the population is to buy into this "it's all Bush's Fault" in regards to the Economy when this has been going on since the Clinton Administration by leftist policies of 'equality and fairness' instead of people earning it.

Anyway, there are some cases you try to make for not voting for Barack Obama and you can't escape the charge of 'ooh, you're a Racist!' I've linked to this guy before but I'll do it again. I love his point of view, he's brilliant, well educated on the matters and he knows what he's talking about and lays out a very good argument. Oh, and he happens to be a black conservative. You can't pull the racism card on this guy, he'll throw it back in your face. Check out his blog, I'm waiting to see him blog some more but he's more of a video blogger anyway. He's just a good source for giving the case for conservative causes, and to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. And I don't know, I just really like this guy. He's great!

As for other reasons why to vote for McCain? because he kicked Obama's behind at the Alfred E Smith Memorial Dinner when it comes to speeches geared for poking fun at one's self. I busted up laughing when I first saw this, thought Obama was funny too. Just not as funny as McCain.

I get most of my info from right wing blogs, and they are usually pretty good about fact checking each other, and yes, so sew me for keeping with the right wing blogs and not the left but they aren't always friendly to McCain either. I've been watching a lot of CNN lately and must say that I tend to zone it out, the bias is highly evident.

If anybody has any other articles or webposts on the net with more info in regards to our political candidates, I'd like to see them.

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