Question about Leadership

I started posting a question on my blog about Leadership, and it turned into a long healthy rant for me.

One that unfortunately, I cannot post at this time.

So I'm going to post the condensed version, and make it an open question for my readers. What is Leadership to you? How does one become a strong leader? What does it take to develop the leadership skills to become a good leader?

This is the Army's definition of Leadership out of AR 600-100.

"The Army defines leadership as influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation, while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization."

So, with that in mind, can somebody please inform me of what it takes to be a good leader? I know it is a weak area of mine, it has been a weak area for as long as I've been in the army. I need to develop as a leader, and aside from going out there and just being able to do it, I need some good advice on what to do to become a better leader.

then maybe in a couple of weeks, I can undo the post I just wrote and you can see a really large healthy rant from me.

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