Yorktown and Virginia Beach

Day Two - Monday, September 29

So I spent the morning in Yorktown.

I got there early and ended up taking pictures of the cannons in the park.

I took a lot of pictures of the cannons actually.

Then I went on a roadtrip around the area where you follow trails to where different forces had their armies set up, like the French, and where George Washington camped, and so on and so forth. It was really kind of a nice little meandering drive.

Then I went to the Yorktown Victory park, which is like the Jamestown Settlement, and walked through some re-enactments. Had some camera problems but got it all sorted out.

They let me play dress up again. :)

It's a turkey. . .

I thought about trying Williamsburg again, but since I already saw it, it kind of got a pass and so I had to make my mind of whether to go to Richmond or go to Chincoteague. I couldn't do both.

I kind of wanted to see the beach so Chincoteague won out. But I spread it out a bit more, so I went to Virginia Beach as it was on the way.

They had a Sand Castle competition that they have every year that I happened to come upon. There was some cool sand castles.

Also, Virginia Beach has two lighthouses. I love Lighthouses, and found out that my military ID comes in handy when having to get on Fort Story to go see them.

I hung out on a few of the beaches, just chilling. It was nice.

I got a tripod and since I don't have anybody with me to take pictures, and I'm somewhat of a goober, I set the camera up to take pictures of myself. Because I could, that's why. When you are traveling around, you want to get pictures of yourself in the action, don't you? I guess I could just take a picture and photoshop myself in but that's cheating.

I prefer this to the picture of me holding a camera so you got a picture of my big head and the thing I'm taking a picture of.

That gets old. I got a lot of pictures like that too.

From there, I went up to Chincoteague via the Cheasepeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and the Eastern Shore.

It probably would have been more interesting if I traveled there during the day, but you don't see a lot when you travel at night. You know, something about lack of light does that.

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