Guess the Baby!

For a while, I had a very good track record of guessing the sex of babies before the parents found out officially. for some reason, I was always right. And there are a lot of opportunities in my family to do this, as I have a gob of nieces and nephews. I started guessing correctly in 2000ish with all of my sibling's children and I seemed to always be right for some reason.

I mean, if you are curious about the sex of the baby, just ask Kami and I was always right for some reason.

That changed this year, when all three of my sisters decided to get into the procreating business together and left me out of it. . . again. Not that I mind, you see, I kind of need the guy first, but they do have a tendency to get pregnant all at once and it leaves me as the odd sister out.

I guessed right on my sister Corinne, thinking Girl for some reason (they were hoping for a girl, their boys, while cute, are quite a handful). My sister Arah, I guessed boy at first, and then had a dream about her having a girl and then chewing me out because I was wrong in my guess. Well, turns out she's having a girl, so my guess was wrong, but the dream was right. Well, in the baby part, my sister didn't chew me out but she needled me about it a bit. However, I had been right about her baby Olivia.

Then there is Julie. I guessed a boy. She just found out she's having a girl.

My reputation as an infallible baby sex guesser is ruined. But as I think about it, I never dreamed about the sex of Julie's baby. I didn't about Corinne's either but I was fifty/fifty on that anyway.

So from now on, if I guess, it's just a guess unless my subconscious tells me otherwise. We'll see how infallible my dreaming is the next time a close friend or family member gets pregnant and I dream about it.

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