I'm Joe the Plumber

McCain's Website has a little contest asking people to submit a video of why they are Joe the Plumber, to help spread the message of the fact that Joe the Plumber is kind of a euphemism for everyone.

I thought about doing it, so I put a little time aside, and filmed it in the back yard in little 5-30 second soundbytes and linked them together. Because, well, I learned that sometimes you'll think of all sorts of cool things to say and then when you get out to say it, you realize that your brain goes numb and you can't think of how you want to word something.

So anyhow, I looked to see how the soundbytes would play out and figured out that I couldn't really fit 27 seconds of soundbytes into a coherent clip. And I'm sure there are a lot of other people out there with better video editing skills then me (and better software then I currently have) That, and I wasn't so sure I would like that much exposure on the national level. Sure, I was thinking about how cool it was at first, but then I remembered Nov 2004 and how that played out.

Don't get me wrong, it was cool then too, but I think I could handle that level of exposure again, probably. But I don't want to ever be Joe the Plumber famous.

However, I don't mind posting the video on my own blog. I don't even mind if people think its halfway interesting if they want to post it on their blogs. But in the political way of things, Joe the Plumber is already old news and people are now moving onto new things, like some stupid college student who thought it would be bright to cause national attention by making up a story of how she was attacked by a 'black' Obama Supporter for being a McCain supporter.

if she would have carved an O in her face instead, she might not be facing as much scrutiny. That, and you can't get an O backwards when carving it on your face in the mirror.

Thanks chick, thanks for killing the momentum we had going. That was bloody brilliant. There is a reason the rest of us are disgusted by the hoaxes played on account of the left, because we like to consider ourselves above that nonsense. Now we are considered to be at their level and the media will spin this for all its worth against the McCain/Palin ticket. "Why aren't you controling your supporters?"

As for the video, um, it got dark and I had to move it inside for some of the clips. I considered doing some of it in uniform but decided not to, because I don't want to make a statement as a representative of the military, this is just me.

Maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn't, but I started out just saying somethings about me, just to show that I'm an everyday citizen. Like Joe the Plumber. Then I told some of my weaknesses. I don't have a lot of bad things against me like Tax Liens, but I've kept my nose pretty clean. And then I went into some of my beliefs. Sometimes I got a little silly. I tried to have a little fun. One line I stated with a little to much seriousness that it came off as a bit much so I took it out.

With all the other saturation out there, I don't think this is really anything, but whatever. Tell me what you think.

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