Finding People in New York

One of the guys in the hostel I'm staying at was inquiring about my visiting New York. Most people in hostels are foreign I've noticed, you don't run into many Americans in them, and we got to talking about why this is. They asked me if I knew anybody in New York and I told them I did, but not to the level where I could just crash in on them and say "hey, can I stay at your place?" For one, it would be highly inappropriate, or I haven't seen them in years and I didn't know them well enough to just crash on them anyway, hence why I'm staying in a hostel (much cheaper then a hotel).

But as I said this, I had a change of heart, commenting, "you know, actually there's this one guy I know who I would love to find so I could kick his ass."

To which I got a reply "I like this girl already."

A major douchebag, and an ex-private from Basic. I think he's got several people plotting his extermination.

Hmm, I wonder how hard it would be to find somebody in Soho?

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