Dizzy Spells go hand in hand with lots of Pointless Ramblings

I spent a good majority of the last 24 hours sleeping. Mostly because I'm getting over a dizzy spell that has me teetering on edge when I'm sitting down. So the Doctors gave me some drugs that induce a coma and I've been trying to get things done but instead feel drawn to my bed.

Meanwhile, I sent out an email to people telling them to give me crap to put on the unit webpage and I think they're ignoring me. Don't tell me I have to bring out the Command Sergeant Major.

Although he looked at me and said 'where's the website? There's nothing on it.'

I could have told anyone that. Most of the work has been trying to decide how to put up the mounds of pictures on the website and upload them at a rate of 2kB per minute. Which means this will take a long time.

In other news, James Lileks is a freakin' genius. I spent the last thirty minutes thumbing through Interior Desecrations and I don't remember when the last time I laughed that hard was. Were these people for real? I can only guess that the truth is stranger then fiction. I think I'm going to mail this book to my sister Julie. I bet she would get a kick out of it!

Meanwhile, trying to work, but finding that hard when other people aren't exactly doing their job. Grumble. Or they are busy with other things that they forget that they have to send me something. Like how many people got hurt last week and had to have work done. I needed it by, oh, yesterday, and now because I didn't get on other people's hides about it, I'm the one getting yelled at.

Gotta love the army.

Anyway, the 13.1 Mile half Marathon is off, on account that I did indeed pull my calf muscle and am on 7 days of Work out at your Own Pace PT.

Well, at least my good friend who happens to be a guy will be getting back sometime today. I think we swapped most of task Force Tornado with the French and they've been over in the French Sector since Monday. And the French have been hanging out with us.

And I got the greatest shirt EVER.

Well, actually, its pretty high up there with my Minion Shirt.

Pictures to come of me wearing it.

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