We started Sparring in Kajukenbo yesterday. Ow. Some of these people are pretty quick in my class, and I don't have my form down all of the way so sometimes I'm trying to block and hit with the same arm and end up flailing while I lean into the punch to much.

That caused me to get smacked in the throat. Ick. That didn't feel good! I also learned that blocking a kick with an open hand is not very smart.

But Sparring is one of the best ways to get used to the form of learning the technique, anyway I got the beginners form down pretty good, I just need to crisp it up a bit.

Ok, I need to work on my form a lot. Just going over punches and kicks in class outside of sparring is a lot different then actually using them against somebody.

Regardless, I had a lot of fun and found out what a work out that can be. I've also noticed a difference in my legs since I took up Kajukenbo. Its a good thing.

To think, I almost didn't go last night becuase I was 'tired'. Gimme a break. I need to slap any sign of weakness like that out of my body right now.

Especially since Sifu has recently stepped up the discipline in the class.

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