Star Trekkin'

I was over at The Boy's Hut and we were just kind of relaxing for the evening as I had a freakin' vertigo headache that sends me for a loop and he talked me out of going to Kajukenbo for the day, seeing he does Tae Kwan Do and was giving me some advice that Martial Arts and Dizzy Spells don't go well together.

I was kind of sad because I wanted to wear my new Martial Arts Shoes that I just got.

So we watched Trekkies instead. I guess I got a think for Documentaries, and heck, for Mockumentaries (ala Best in Show, Mighty Wind, Waiting for Guffman) however Trekkies was a full blown documentary about Star Trek Lovers.

I had never seen the show, but I felt a wave of nastalgia watching it, seeing as when I was a kid, right about the time Star Trek, the Next Generation ended, I became a huge Star Trek fan. It lasted about two or three years too. About the second season of Voyager is when the love started to die away (which started getting a hair bit cheesey).

But I had a serious thing going for Star Trek. But I stopped watching it because I guess I outgrew it, or something. Or maybe I realized just how over the top with velveeta Star Trek was.

Well, watching this show was relieving to me because I thought I was bad. Bloody Hell, some of these people are grade A psychos! Talk about Obsession, I'm just glad it didn't reach that level with me!

But for some reason, after watching that show, a part of me wanted to watch a couple episodes of ST:TNG. I know somebody who has a few seasons, maybe I can borrow a couple discs and watch it, see if I can remember how cheesy it was back then. And then maybe the desire will die away again.

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