Busy at work a couple of days ago, and one of our jobs is to check out the outposts located in the MultiNational camps where we have soldiers stationed.

Its nothing much, we just go in and check in on them once a month, but while we were at one of the camps, I was smitten with absolute cuteness!


Fat furry rolly polly puppies. Eek! Adorable! I want to hold it and squeeze! And they are at that stage where they make cute little puppy noises and whimper.

Of course, these puppies will grow up to become Kosovo Mutts, and they will be big. I can already tell that they will likely dwarf their momma, but they are still so friggen cute!

I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist posting pictures about puppies. Four fat and furry puppies.

I wanna puppy. But I will resist, as I know they don't stay cute and cuddly for long. No, they become big and smelly.

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