Small Arms Virtual Trainer.

Just another name for the thing that made me famous previously.

You know, the M203 with the hose attached?

Well, they have Simulation type things here at Bondsteel too, and I saw something that looked totally bad ass that I wanted to pose with. You know, its just sitting there, looking at you saying "play with me!"

There, on the floor, sat an M2 50 Cal Machine Gun. Drool.

But note my complete and utter ignorance, I have never fired a 50 Cal and I don't know the first thing about positioning and what to do with one if one were to come across such a marvelous piece of war machinery.

Well, I ran into one problem, these things are usually mounted to the top of something, like a HMMW-V, not a piece of wood, so I was already looking kind of weird trying to position myself behind this thing.

And it had sights. Now that I look at it, why does a 50 cal need sights? Trying to position myself behind this thing as if to use the sight post to aim at my target, the recoil on this bad ass would knock me straight in the eye.

So I'm hunched over this thing, trying to figure out where to put my feet and how to aim this thing, and its not working to well. I'm hunched over like Quasimodo and can't get a good feel for this thing.

Maybe if I tried to sit up straight, it would have worked better?

Doesn't make me look like any less of a freak however.

My personal favorite pose was the one with me and my demonic grin, directly in back of the modified M2 (hence, its completely safe to stand in front of this thing to take a picture). If I could learn to actually fire something like this, I could blow up the whole freakin' world with this thing.

But your definitely dealing with Hospital Types when you start posing with weapons. Its a medical thing.

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