Highlights of a Slow Day

We're reaching the midpoint of this deployment. Where everyone is getting lazy and starting to slack off. And things are becoming monotonous.

In the office today, we were all looking at each other with the 'blah' expression plastered on our faces.

But I'm getting a little change up in my routine. Yesterday, I conducted my first Urinalysis ever. Yes, I was in charge, if I told you to pee in a cup, well, dag gum it you better well pee in that cup!

Even though by army regulation we're supposed to conduct these things once a month, we've been having logistical problems with the whole Pee in a Cup program. But now things are starting to run a lot smoother and kind of last minute, I got a crash course in handling a bunch of soldiers that need to go pee *now*!

And I will hence forth be doing a wizz quiz every few days for the first part of this month. Then I will get to skip a few Pee Tests when everyone's comfortable.

Today we also went over shipping the urine via Official Mail.

The highlight of my day is shipping off pee. What has become of my life?

Oh wait, there's a magician coming tonight. That will be the highlight. I stand corrected.

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