When Dead Blogs Come Back

So, there I was, looking at my Blog Dashboard, which is customary of blogger, and I noticed that I've had several blogs just sitting there from when I started blogging roughly 3 and a half years ago. And they have been sitting there ever since. Completely untouched. See, because when I tried to revamp a couple of my blogs, you know, make it so that they had individual pages instead of posting on one single page, it killed my webspace and suddenly out of thin air 2 gigs of Webspace was gone. This was rather fishy considering I was only using about 50 Megs of it before I pushed Publish.

Side Note: Ignore the numbers, they are wrong. There are more then 10 posts on this particular blog.

Anyway, I thought to myself "you know, I should start transfering some of those posts to this blog, see what I come up with ya know? Then I can start deleting the other blogs.

Low and behold, I got half way through August 2004 (going backwards mind you) when I came up with a brilliant idea of deleting entries that I had moved to this blog.

The last entry was deleted off of that blog and transferred to this one, and suddenly, the blog published. . .

I don't know what to do about it now. I might just take it off again and ignore it (but if I did, then why did I bother talking about it just now?)

All I can say is that after going through those old blog posts, I had a real rant against John Kerry.

(The posts I updated are located in the sidebar under the archives, they were all in September 2004 and before, I'm working on getting more of them up. . .)

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