Subjected to My Experimental Coding Crap

This is a bit of coding I'm working on that you get to be subjected too. See, I'm trying to learn various new things through Javascript and HTML and because the Webserver for the Unit Website is currently down, I get to do this some other way.

These pictures mean absolutely nothing, they are just pictures I took at random and put on this. If you are wondering why I'm talking about Pictures when you only see one, its because they are supposed to rotate every time you refresh this page. Don't mind them.

Er, that is, if you could see them. . . apparently something is wrong. Or missing. Missing and Wrong.

Hmm. . .

That's why I'm doing this, to subject myself to trying to figure out WHAT went wrong.

The following is something else that's a hair bit different. Pay the random empty space no mind.

When I'm ready to put this kind of coding on the unit website, I'll be sure to find the other website I plan to use to do it. :) Meanwhile, this is my latest works in progress. We'll see if it works, when it works.

Update: Hmm, just pasted the above in a random empty page. It seems to work there. But only the second coding, not the first. For some reason, blogger isn't to fond of Javascript.

Blast. The second bit is the coding I really wanted to use. Maybe its Javascript coding used in conjuction with each other???

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