For Your Remote Viewing Pleasure

We had a mind reader come to Bondsteel and perform for us named Craig Karges.

That dude was a trip!

He had complete audience participation while he had his eyes taped shut and then covered with a blindfold and proceeded to read people's minds through Remote Viewing. He would have to write things down as they came to him and at times would have two or three people stand up in the audience and say things about them. Of course, they had to be thinking about that item for him to be successful. For instance, at the beginning of the show, everyone took a slip of paper and wrote their name on it, then they wrote something on it about themselves, like their birthyear or where they're from and then they wrote something about what they were thinking.

A friend fo mine named Todd got selected for this when Karges asked somebody in the audience to stand up with the initials TE. He then proceeded to tell him his name was Todd, and mention that he had changed his mind from thinking about Greece to thinking about his wife instead. I talked to Todd afterwards and he showed me the paper he had wrote on and sure enough he had Greece scribbled off and Wife written next to it.

He also mentioned how one guy was thinking about a specific car and described it to the point where the guy just gave up.

I might be a bit more skeptical if I hadn't participated myself. He had four people stand up toward the end and I just wanted to try this for fun so I made sure I had stood up. He asked one guy, who happened to be Nate to give him a car. At first Nate said Tank (he's a tanker) and was told to change to something a little more practical, so he said a '52 Mercury Sedan. He asked if that was the car he wanted and Nate confirmed it. The next guy described it as being Black. He gave the option of changing the color but the guy stood by Black. The Third guy was then tasked with giving the license plate number, to which he said NK6969. When asked if he wanted to change any of the letters or numbers, the guy declined. Then he looked to me and asked me to give him a price. My first thought was $50,000. But as I was thinking to myself, I thought, 'No, that's to much' and chopped it in half and said 25 Grand. He then asked me if I wanted to go more specific, so I said 25,242. He then asked me if I liked that answer and then I blurted out 32 cents. He kind of smirked at this and asked me if I wanted to change any of the numbers. I decided to change the the first two to a one, because there was just to many 2's in there. And now that I look at it, there was a pattern. $25,242.32 . I didn't notice that until now.

Anyway, I changed my answer so that it was $15,242, sort of dropping the cents. So he wrote everything we said down and asked me to pick out somebody in the audience. There was a girl behind me in a norweigian uniform (and therefore, different from the rest of us) and so I asked her to stand up. She was kind of shy at first but was a good sport about it and headed up on the stage. He read out the description of the car that we gave him and we confirmed that that's what we said. Then he pulled out his wallet and in it zipped up was tucked an envelope, which he handed to the Norweigian Soldier and told her to tear it open. Then she read out loud to the effect of "Currently I am in Monteith and tomorrow I will perform at Bondsteel. At the end of the show I will pick four people at random and they will describe a car to me. That car will be a 1952 Mercury Sedan, Black, License Plate NK6969 priced at $15,242.32."

I thought that was a pretty wild trick if I don't say so myself. Though when I went up to him afterwards to ask for his Autograph, he asked me for my name and I just smiled at him. He couldn't read my name so I finally told him. Then he tried to guess how to spell it and failed miserably. He was pretty stuck on the 'C', thinking it was Cammy, or Cami, or Camy, and when I finally told him K-A-M-I he laughed and mused about how off he was. I guess he was winding down.

But of course he gave me a little talk bubble to the side with 32cents written in it.

I think I shall henceforth go to more of these entertainers and see them. They have definitely been keeping things interesting in an otherwise boring environment.

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