DNBI is going to be the end of me. . .

To understand what this means, you'll have to understand what exactly the DNBI report entails.

You see, DNBI is Disease and Non Battle Injury, its a report of all of the people that come in through the hospital on account of things that were not caused by direct warfare. Sickness, injuries, things of that nature.

Most of the time its preventable. Anyway, Preventive Medicine was the one tasked to take all of the information from various sections and different Troop Medical Centers in the Theater and compile them together to make the report, which gets sent up to higher.

I'm the one that got tasked to do the report, and i've been doing it ever since I got here.

Now, granted, you can see that there is some sensitive information that goes along with the DNBI report, and therefore, I can't illude to too much information in regards to what happened to whom or what not. But basically, I'm the eyes of whats going on in the task force and the purpose of the DNBI report is to keep an eye out for trends and such things, especially in regards to illnesses and communicable diseases.

Which is a preventive medicine function, hence why we are tasked with compiling the report, as we use it ourselves.

Most of the time its pretty ho-hum, just gather the information (when you can get it on time, which most of the sections have been very good about) but what gets me is that lately everyone is thinking "oh, you're doing that, how about you help us by giving us THESE numbers" and so on and so forth so a report that was initially consisted of just taking information and putting it on a spreadsheet has now spawned into taking this information by individual Task Force and giving it to whom ever.

I found out today that I'm getting a hair overwhelmed in this tasking. So I put my foot down and told my NCOIC about it. He kind of looked at me and then said "if anyone else gives you any grief over this, send them to me."

This is what my day has come to consist of. Hence, why I don't tell you a lot about whats going on in theater. It ain't exciting!

Ahh. . . gotta love paperwork. . .

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